Embrace Emma Foundation has been in existence for many years now providing assistance to those who are looking for spiritual enlightenment through service of others. Our foundation has worked hard in order to reach as many people as possible through the help of our sponsors and partners who tirelessly helped us through difficult times.

What We Do

We believe that we have the duty to help our society during the darkest of times. We may not be as rich as we want to be, but we have abundance of gratefulness in our hearts that keep our passion to serve alive. We have been doing this for a long time and we are very happy that there are others who heed our calls.

We are also inspiring those who want to help out to come out of their comfort zone and have this experience with us. Share your time and your resources for others to enjoy, and at the same time, learn from their life lessons and historical sites.

Why We Do It

We know how hard it is to face constant troubles and challenges. That is why, we are also taking part in improving our society’s current state. We are trying to do the best that we can with the limited funds and time that we have. We are just lucky that we have others who have been very gracious in helping out.

If we only worked hand on hand, together we will achieve great things. We can change the world that we see now and we will leave this in a so much better state.