What Can I Contribute?

There are many things that you can do in order to contribute to the cause. Sometimes, you don’t really need to spend your hard earned money to support a foundation that you want to support. All you need is to contribute something that will help shape the future of your chosen foundation.

If you are wondering what you can contribute, there are many things that you might want to consider to contribute to your chosen foundation that does not necessarily mean that you will have to spend your money to give as a donation – which can solve some shopping offers coupons troubles.

Some things that you can contribute aside from money.


Use Your Skills

If you are a professional with an in-demand skill, you can contribute by working for the foundation for a discount, or volunteering in an activity for free. It is very expensive for foundations to get professional services because they do not really have the budget to do it. However, if you can spare a few hours to consult, and to give them professional advice, then that in itself would be a great help for them.

Create A Project For Them

volunteersSometimes, you already have the money to support them but you feel that there are other things that you can provide. So instead, you can just create a project that will benefit their operations such as the mobile traffic growth forecast. In this way, you will be able to give something of value to the foundation that they can use for a long time. You will be leaving them a legacy that will greatly increase the productivity and the efficiency of the operations of the foundation.

Create Connection

Yes, you might not be a rich person who has a lot of money to dispose. But if you have some good connections that the foundations can benefit from – a vacation or sightseeing boat tour for example, then do not hesitate to make that bridge. Your foundation might be in a desperate need to find someone to help them with a specific concern and your help might be the answer to that they’ve been looking for. Sometimes, you might think that it is just a small thing to do but in reality, it could save the foundation a lot of time, money and effort just because of your simple act.